For over 20 Years the British Homes Group has helped International Investors Buy and Sell Homes in the popular short and long term rental areas around the Disney World area of Orlando, Florida.

Whether you are looking for a Resort style Community, a Condominium or an exclusive home on the grounds of Disney World itself, we can help!

As George Bernard Shaw, of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady fame, once observed Р England and America are two countries separated by a common language!

And nowhere is this more true than with overseas¬†investors buying property in the US where “Valuations” are “Appraisals”, ¬†“Settlements” are “Closings” and no-one is quite sure what an “Escrow” is!

We will guide you through the process from beginning to end including;

  • Which of the four counties (Orange, Lake, Polk or Osceola) allow Short Term Rentals
  • What Communities have “Lease-Back” programmes (see Rosemont Woods)
  • The best locations for Long Term rentals
  • What is a condo-hotel and what are their benefits
  • Resort Style Communities and their appeal to Renters
  • The best locations for Boating and enjoying the water
  • Developer Specials and Purchase Incentives
  • Buy To Let and International Buyer Mortgage Options

Have a question or would like more information? Please email us here.